Posted on: October 30, 2011 8:55 am

Make or Break week

Steelers Defense must get after Tom Brady and make it a long day for him.
Dick LeBeau has to show them the kitchen sink an then throw it at them.
Keep Brady guessing at all phases of the game don't give him achance to breath
Offensively Ben has tohave a big game keeping  everyone involved Milke Wallace
Rashard Mendenhall and get Hines Ward involved as much as possible because
Hines strives in big games. I can't wait for the 4:00 START  seeing all the terrible
towels waving in the stands and STEELER NATION at what it does bestcheering their
team to another victory. I am proud to be a member of steeler nation the best fans in the world
Posted on: November 22, 2010 3:21 pm


I thought  I was at Oakland Colliseum the way the yellow hankies were flying out of the officials pockets
At first I thought it was for our troops in Afganistan, but the way it turned out they were watching the Steelers very closely
They let Richard Seymour act like the till of the hun for most of the first half. As our ofensive linemen were dropping one by one
Seymour would always be around those plays,He should be fined for half of those hits by the N.F.L.
But yet everything was pointed in the direction of the BLACK and GOLD which was sad everyone @ Heinz Field let the zebras the
way they felt. Enter #7 taking it upon himself to protect what ever little he had left after he threw the touchdown pass he
wisspered sweet nothings into # 92's ears and received a smash to the face. needless to say he slayed the evil dragon who was
disqualified from the game. If your talking about someone who respects his offensive line it's #7
And as far as our defense goes they are showing we can play against any odds that are stacked up against us.
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Posted on: November 8, 2010 1:23 pm

Are the STEELERS for real

Every high profile players are complaining about the new defensive rule on hitting.I really don't blame thembecause they learned to
play the game with intensenity. Here is what I think should happen Go out the way you nalways play the game and what ever fine is
charged or games be missed because of these games you win you should be reimbursedwith an incentive for doing the job the way you were thought to play. I think the  league is giving the officials to much power on the way the game is being played. Because from expierience if an official has it in for a certain person it could be UGLY
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Posted on: December 18, 2009 3:28 pm

I can see why Coach Tomlin is Upset

I can see the pain in Coach Tomlin's face at every press conference as he takes responsibility of what went wrong.
He's studying every film from previous games sitting downn with his assistants to keep on the swame page.
I really feel bad for him because he has so much passion for the game. I'm sure he is on top of everything but the players are not producing on special teams arm tackling at best. Frustrastion sets in when the season goes the way you don't want it to.
We had the toughest schedule in thr NFL last year and came home with the SUPER BOWL trophy because we won all the close ones
at the end of regulation . But this is a new year and the roles are reversed. I'm still proud of our football team
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Posted on: December 18, 2009 3:05 pm


You can go back to the last two Head Coaches of the Black and Gold who made their opponets Black and Blue.
It as you know being a Steelers fan began with Chuck Knoll Playing smash mouth football with Franco Harris ,Frenchie Fuqua
and Rocky Bleier. The defense led by the STEEL CURTAIN would take care of the rest along with the 3 best LB'S in that time
Andy Russel, Jack Ham, and Jack Lambert and our DB'S Mel Blount Mike Wagner Donnie Shell which won 4 SUPERBOWLS
to their credit.
Then the reins were handed over to Bill Cower who had the same miind set control the tempo run the football and let the Defense take care of business. and he was very good at controling the game. In that era we lost LB'S like Chad Brown Greg Lloyd just to name a couple of great ones but Cower seemed to know what to do with the draft and his talent.
In the segment were in right now their passing before we run, and I think the way Coach Tomlin's predecessors feel get the run game established first so you can set up the play action pass to balance out the offense and to keep the defense honest
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Posted on: December 10, 2009 9:40 am

Time to take the bite out of theDogpound

It's 8:20 pm In Cleveland Kick off time we have to get off to a quick start and put the pedal to the metal and not leave up.
Our special teams and Defensive backs can't be put in a situation at the end of the game as they were put in the last 4 weeks
Losing 4 games by a total of 15 points. Especially 2 in OT 2 to the worst teams in the AFC west,  where we beat their 2 best teams
Coach Tomlin is doing everything in his power to straighten out this situation before it festers. It's up  to the team members to dedicate the next four games to themselves pick themselves up off the ground dust themselves off and get down to playing SMASHMOUTH
FOOTBALL and don't make Brady Quinn look like he's All-PRO. The "D" must pressure him into early and often mistakes.
The "O" has to put them away as soon as possible. It's time to make a run like we did in 2005 on our way to SPERBOWL XL.
We can win 7 in a row on our way to get there. "GO Steelers".
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Posted on: December 9, 2009 9:47 am

Dig Down Deep It's Gut Check Time

We can still claim a wild card berth if we win out. Our "D" backs have to play a full game without Troy. Special teams aren't in
to filling their lane assignments and have bad body language coming off the field. Coach Tomlin said he is ready to start shaking
things up,we better beat the Browns or kiss it good bye.
I really think he will rally the troops and Coach LeBeau will rally the DefenseAfter the Browns on thursday night we have 10 days
off and hopefully Polomalu is back for our last 3 games Dec 20 Green Bay Dec 27 Ravens both at Heinz Field and Jan 3 at
Miami. I have a good feeling that we canmake it if we take care of business. Right now Ravens are @6-6 and the Dolphins are
@6-6 so we control our own destiny. Look at the last 2 games lost to Oakland with 9seconds left and lost to KC in OT.
Starting Thursday night things are going to change. "HERE WE GO Steelers HERE WE GO"
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Posted on: November 14, 2009 9:59 am

Showdown for top spot in AFC NORTH

After the dust settles on sunday afternoon the Steelers will be back where they belong atop of the north division.
We outplayed them in their own stadium until the last drive of that game. I think Rashard Mendenhall is getting
more confidence with every start,Big Ben has so many weapons wide receivers Hines Ward Santonio Holmes and
Mike Lewis. Runningbacks Willie Parkerwho can run the ball when Mendenhall needs a rest,and Mewelde Moorecoming out of the backfield catching screen passes.Our offensive line is starting to gel as a unit giving Ben a little more time to do what he needs
to do.
On Defense theplay calling Dick LeBeau dials up they won't know what to expect when you have a great linebacking corp
led by James Harrison andLamar Woodley coming off the outsides and The defensive backs led by Troy Polamalu its
going to be a long day for the Bengals. Keep turnovers to a minimum and the Steelers should be right back where they belong
in 1st place in the AFC NORTH

                                                      "GO STEELERS" ON OUR WAY TO NUMBER SEVEN
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